Monday, July 2, 2012

U-KISS to Hold Concert at the Budokan in Japan

U-KISS is coming to the Budokan in Japan.Following in the footsteps of Boyfriend, U-KISS will be holding a concert at the Budokan in September.

U-KISS’ Japanese agency, AVEX, revealed the news on its official homepage that the group would be holding its first Budokan concert on September 5.

Though the Budokan seats only 10,000 and is smaller in comparison to the Tokyo Dome or Tokyo Arena, the stage is a dream venue for artists in Japan.

Past K-Pop stars who have held concerts at the Budokan include BoA, DBSK (TVXQ), Ryu Si Won, 2PM and most recently, Boyfriend.

Regarding its upcoming Budokan concert, the U-KISS members shared, “We heard the Budokan is not only a place where not only Japanese artists but famous overseas artists have at performed previously. Although it has only been about half a year since we made our official debut [in Japan] we’re very happy we will be able to perform at the Budokan following our Japanese tour.”
Prior to its Budokan concert, U-KISS will embark on a Japanese concert tour beginning in the end of this month to perform 16 times in nine different cities. 



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