Monday, July 2, 2012

SS501′s Kim Kyu Jong to Enter Army on July 23

Kim Kyu Jong will soon be entering the army.Kim Kyu Jong’s B2M Entertainment revealed on July 2 that the singer would be headed to Jeonju on July 23 to enter into the 35th division′s army recruitment training center.

He will receive four weeks of military training before serving out his duties for the next two years as a public service worker.

Though originally exempted from serving his military duties due to being a carrier of the hepatitis B-virus, following changes in Korea’s military service laws, Kim Kyu Jong was made eligible to serve as a public service worker. 

Kim Kyu Jong previously revealed his enlistment plans through his homepage and will be the first SS501 member to enter his mandatory military service.

His agency added he will reveal a self-composed track to fans before he enters his service.



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