Tuesday, July 3, 2012

ZE:A’s Kwanghee discusses his thoughts on this summer’s tough competition among idol groups

ZE:A‘s Kwanghee discussed his thoughts on the tough competition among idols due to all the upcoming comebacks.

On July 3rd at ZE:A’s ‘Spectacular‘ album showcase, the ZE:A members were asked, “Aren’t your preparations different this time around considering idol groups like Super Junior2NE1, and T-ara are making a comeback around the same time?”
ZE:A answered, “We think of it as a good-natured competition. We think it’s a good opportunity to spread awareness [of ZE:A], and we’re satisfied with the fact that our fans look for our songs.”
Kwanghee responded with his trademark candor and humor: “To be honest, we’ve thought a lot about that aspect. However, the agency already confirmed [our comeback], and we wanted to see our fans as well. And if we don’t compete like this, when will we. We need to promote and be active when we can, there’s no need to avoid it because we’re us. I have that much confidence.”
ZE:A will be returning after one year with their second album ‘Spectacular’ on July 4th KST. ‘Spectacular’ holds 11 tracks in all, and their title track “Aftermath” was produced by Brave Brothers.
Source: Osen


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