Friday, November 30, 2012

Kwanghee gives Jung Woo Sung advice on how to look better on screen

ZE:A‘s Kwanghee gave advice to Jung Woo Sung on how to look better.

On ‘Knee Drop Guru‘, Jung Woo Sung confessed, “People tell me I look better in person. I want to look better on screen.” To this, Kwanghee said, “I fixed everything. If you want to look good on screen, you have to fix things.
To this, Jung Woo Sung asked, “Then where should I fix?“. Kwanghee hesitated in answering, but at the urging of the other MCs, he muttered, “I think it’ll be good if you get botox…” and laughed slightly feeling embarrassed and not knowing how to feel about giving out advice to an already handsome actor as well as sunbae.
Jung Woo Sung also was a bit taken back but to add to his shock, Kwanghee added, “I think age is getting to you.
Kang Ho Dong apologized on behalf of Kwanghee, but Jung Woo Sung joked, “Ah, I’m insulted“. To this, Kwanghee looked like he was going to cry and said, “He’s upset at me! I’ll go and watch his movie! What should I do? It’s not like [I'll be able to make it up to him] since I won’t see him again!“, causing everyone to laugh at his frantic attempt to redeem himself.


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